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Water tank leakage is usually due to the cracked or damage to the water tank. The water tank damage or leakage occurs when there is movement or any impact or hitting to the water tank, water tank leakage could be also due to the corrosion and general deterioration over the time.

The method and level of water tank repair depend on the damage to the water tank itself. The most common water tank repair task includes patches the cracked area, replacement of the sectional panel for cracked / leaking area, water tank’s roof plate repair and replacement, welding of corroded area and so on so forth.

Repair the water tank is a natural choice and a cost-effective solutions to your water tank leakage issues. To ensure a leaking water tank is repaired properly, we perform a throughout inspection from both inside and outside of the water tank carefully.


Consol construction and trading provide annual contract for preventive maintenance where the expert will inspect the Tank 3 to 4 times in year , inspection list will be recorded and reported to the Cuctomer. The customer will be illegible for 15% discount on all parts needed and free of charge on installation cost.

•If it is used or not used for a long time, the tank is a reservoir of water for consumption by people, regular inspection should be done for safety (more than twice a year)

• Over the years we have seen tanks fail due to age, lack of maintenance, failure of the structural supports underneath the tanks, contaminated water attacking the internal fittings, ball valve failure where overflows were not fitted, vandalism etc.

Preventive Maintenance inspection Points
1 Water Quality Test ( Ph, TDS, and EC)
2 Inspected and ascertain the effectiveness and operation of the ball valve.
3 Inspect and ascertain the cleanliness of the tank. (Sediment may be drawn into the tank via inlet and may collect in the tank).
4 Inspect the tank externally for any sign of dampness around its base which may be due to
a. leaking connection
b. condensation
c. slacked fasteners
5 All internal supports will be checked for corrosion, if corrosion is found it should be rectified immediately.
6 All pipe work connected to the tank is suitably braced.
7 Check generally for leaks or drips. If the there is a weep from a bolt or the seal, it may be rectified by tightening the bolts in a systematic order.
8 Overflow is fitted and are sized correctly. Check the overflow(s) and air inlet screens vent(s). Ensure they are not blocked.
9 If insulated check that insulation and the manhole is securely fixed and not damaged.
10 Condensation tray with the tank, ensure that it has an overflow fitted and that it has not been damaged.
11 Check the ladders fitted to the tank, ensure that they have not been damaged and are securely fastened to the tank.
12 With tanks for drinking water, check that the water surface is clean and shiny and that the water doesn’t contain any debris or contamination
13 Check for evidence of stagnation of the water.
14 Check for excessive buildup of sediment.
15 Check for presence of algae, biofilm.
16 Check for scaling on the tank sidewalls.
17 Check the vibration around the tank


Consol Construction and Trading provide water tank inspection service with the same inspection points in the yearly preventive maintenance contract Excluding the labor cost.

• Consol-CT offers water tank inspection services for all types of water tank available in Qatar. We provide high quality water tank inspection as we want all our clients to have a great condition of water usage for daily necessities. Our water storage tank inspection works will be done by our experienced water tank specialist and expert.

• Our throughout water tank inspection services will check the level of corroded, dirt accumulated and as well inspect is there any cracked or leakage on your water tank. We will come back with a professional suggestion on what you should do with the water tank, either your water tank will need to repair, lining or coating services for water tank, or a complete water tank refurbishment.

• It is clear that every water tank needs an inspection service to make sure it stays in the good conditions. We wouldn’t know if the water tank will need any cleaning or repairing job as damage that will naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal deterioration , wear or aging.

Our experienced water tank specialist delivers advice and recommendations on methodology, frequency and means of water tank inspection.


Everyone needs clean water for daily use especially for drinking purpose. People will usually go for water filter in order to achieve that, but we always neglected the importance of clean water tank. There must be a centralized water tank for any condominium, apartment, flat or commercial building. The centralized water tank has to be cleaned at least once a year.

Consol-CT provide a professional water tank cleaning services for residential building as well as water tank cleaning services for commercial building.

Why Regular Cleaning for Water Tank is Important?
Over the time If the tank water is not used for long period of time (due to summer vacation of schools, long term holydays, or for some other reason) dirt and algae accumulated inside the water tank especially on the water tank’s wall and inner structure bars. The water tank could have consisted of insects and dead animal which produce bad tastes and odors. The dirty water tank will also lead to the buildup of microorganisms and bacteria that prevent you to enjoy the clean and healthy water.

Cleaning of water tank could be a daunting task as you need to be climbing into the water tank, and this can be very dangerous as the centralized water tank will not be able to access easily inside and that’s how Consol-CT comes in. As the expert in providing water tank cleaning services, we ensure you getting a top-quality service.