The fabrication of the ladder will be standard (QCS) or as per the client needed. This is fabricated from pultruded square tubes and rounded rungs. The ladder stringer is fabricated using 50x50mm square tube and the rungs are 32mm serrated hollow tube. The rungs shall be provided at the distance of 300mm center to center. The surface of each rung has an anti-skid surface to prevent slippage when stepping on it.

The stand off brackets are provided for suitable fixing with any structure using stainless steel anchor and are fixed withthe stringer using stainless steel nuts and bolts with a maximum distance of 1200mm for each bracket.

Ladders with safety cage are available as per the requirement. These cages starts from a maximum clear distance of 2100mm from the ground. The total width will be 750mm with safety cage and 400mm without safety cage.

Ladder design and manufactured as per the standards mentioned below:
• EN131 is for trade and light industrial use.
• BS2037/BS1129 Class 1 are for heavy duty and industrial use.
• BS2037/BS1129 Class 3 is for domestic use.
• ASTM E08-84 - "Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials"

GRP Ladders are manufactured from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Pultruded structural sections, when compared on a weight-to-weight basis are far stronger than their metal equivalents. It is a uni que product that has the combination of lightweight, strength rigidity and corrosion resistance. The innovative CONSOL Ladder and cage systems meet or exceed OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements and are available in compact kits for easy on-site installation. Composite ladders are ideally suited for installation in corrosive environments such as those found in the water, waste, marine and chemical industries
1. Resin - Isophthalic, Vinyl Ester (Heat & Chemical Resistant) and Fire Retardant resins are used from reputable manufacturers all complying to BS 3532 standards. 2. Glassfibre Reinforcements - Type “E” and “ECR” Glassfibre tricote Strand Mat, Woven Roving Glass Fabric and Type “C” veils Glass Surface Tissue, conforming to BS 3496 and BS 3749. 3. Surface Finish - Surface as required will have a Gel coat smooth finish on both the ends. These are of Isophthalic & Vinyl Ester - Flame Retardant grade and possibly higher grades depending on the application.


Pultruded fiber reinforced composites are the best performing composite materials. The technology applied here ensures best product output with excellent physical characteristics.

The Pultrusion process is a proven manufacturing method for obtaining high quality FRP profiles with consistently repeatable mechanical properties.



Requires less maintenance. No rust, peeling of flaking and will continue to maintain structural integrity over time.


Up to 70% lighter than steel, concrete or wood with an exceptional strength-toweight ratio.


It is electrically non-conductive leading to increased safety compared to conductive materials (i.e., metal). FRP also has low thermal conductivity (heat transfer occurs at a lower rate), resulting in a more comfortable product surface when physical contact occurs


Easy to cut and can be installed easily with nuts and bolts. Welding or hot work is not necessary. Installation can be done without using heavy equipment and machinery, requiring less manpower.


The durability and corrosion resistance of GRP and pultruded gratings and other products reduce or eliminate need for heavy maintenance like sandblasting, scraping and painting. In fact, most GRP products are easily cleaned with a high-pressure washer.


Manufactured to your individual specifications.


Slip resistant footing in wet and oily environments can increase safety for workers which lead to fewer workplace accidents and a reduction of injury associated costs.